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New Poem!

New poem!!!

Hello Darkness (Nightmares of ‘Nam)

Hello Darkness My old Friend,
Here we go, doin' the dance again.
Hello Darkness My old Friend,
Where will you send me? When will it end?
Hello Darkness My old Friend,
Am I goin' back to Hell, again?
The smell of the jungle with death at the end,
The twisted corpses in ways they should not bend,
The screams of the wounded, and the sight of dead friends,
I don't want to sleep, will I ever be able to mend?
Hello Darkness My old Friend, 
I hide in your cloak peeking through a rend.
Hello Darkness My old Friend,
Is the veil starting to lift? Am I starting to Mend?
Hello Darkness My old Friend,
My Lord Jesus has become my friend.
Hello Darkness My old Friend,
It's finally time for this to end.
Goodbye Darkness My Old Friend
I won't need that bullet to reach the end.
Goodbye Darkness My Old Friend
Please support the organization 22 Kill. They fought for our freedom,
 Now it's our turn to fight for them! Veteran suicide is unacceptable. YOU CAN HELP!!!
Donald E Pearce Sr May 10, 2019


Wall That Heals in North Reading Massachusetts 
I will be reading two poems from the book during one of the ceremonies in August of 2019
in North Reading Massachusetts. Come see the Wall, and honor my brothers and sisters who served during that terrible time. God Bless you and God Bless America!

The Moving Wall in Waltham, Mass.

The Moving Wall Viet Nam memorial, will be in Waltham Mass from August 10th to August 15th.
My poem from the book titled "The Moving Wall" will be available as a free handout, along with a 
newer poem titled: "Do You Know Who I Am?", which is about our POW/MIA's 

Please stop by and visit the wall and remember those who sacrificed so much for our freedom.

More News!

 I am one of 31 poets chosen to have a poem professionally read and recorded on a CD! It's due in within a few weeks.
The poem (9/11/01 Remembered) is from the book "Best Poets of 2015 Vol.6 "

More News!!

I am having another poem published in the book American Poet by Eber & Wein!!! The poem title is: "The New England Blizzard"
The train is still rollin' folks!

New poem being published!

I am having a newer poem published in a book titled "Best Poems of 2015 Volume 6" The poem is "9.11.01 REMEMBERED" The publisher is Eber And Wein . The book is due out in about 4 to 8 weeks. Stay Tuned!

New poems being read at other events!!!

I recently had a new Poem entitled "Do You Know Who I Am" read at the ceremony on CHurch Green in Taunton this spring (2014). I an currently scheduled to read three new poems at the Spirit of 45 Ceremony in Providence R.I. on August 10th at the WWII Memorial  during the 1:00pm ceremony. My new poem 9-11-01 Remembered will be part of the ceremony at the Thanks To Yanks Dinner this year as well. Stay Tuned, People!!!

This is the North Reading Mass 5th Annual Veteran's Social On September 28th 2014, where I was the first speaker after the presentation of the colors!  http://youtu.be/0UJwpA8-Z0Q

I was also one of the speakers at the 2014 Thanks To Yanks 9-11 tribute dinner on september 11th at the Doubletree Hotel in Milford Mass., as well as being a speaker at the closing ceremonies for the TAVVA's POW/MIA vigil on September 21st in Taunton Mass. I will post the video links whenever they become available.


Upcoming events 

 September 11th, 2013, I will be at the VFW in Medway as a guest speaker at the Thanks To Yanks tribute dinner, where I will read one of my poems.

September 29th, 2013, I will be reading the poem POW/MIA at the 9/11 / POW/MIA Ceremony in Attlerboro in the park.

August 11th 2013 I was Honored to read four of the poems from the book at the "Keep The Spirit of Fourty Five Alive" ceremony in Providence Rhode Island. At the end of the ceremony, three star General Centrachio presented the author, (me) with one of his "challenge coins" for as he put it "Exceptional Service" to our Nation's Heros. God Bless You General, and Thank You for your service to our great nation! The Moving Wall poem was dedicated to my friend Huong Le.   South Vietnamese Air Force Col. Le was a POW in the infamous Hanoi Hilton Prison for 5 years.

Today, March 31st 2013, I was honored to read three of the poems from Who Is A Hero at the POW/MIA ceremony at Noon on Church Green, in Taunton. A big Thank You to the TAVVA (Taunto Area Vietnam Veteran's Association) for the Honor. The poems were: The Moving Wall, POW/MIA, and Heros.

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Poem published in VFW Newsletter!

The poem "Lament For A Hero" was published in the VFW Dept. of SC January 2012 Newsletter  (Page 7 Letters to the Editor) Thank You Captain Pothier, and God Bless You Marine!  This is no longer visible.


Vinnie Dimartino of OCC fame with the Author and the book at the Disabled and Limbless Vets Charity ride. A number of books were donated to help raise funds for this worthy cause

Patriot Guard Riders you tube video

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